Social Justice

Social Justice

At West Virginia University at Parkersburg, faculty and staff are committed to supporting students and seeking an environment that is free of bias, discrimination and harassment. If you have encountered any form of discrimination, harassment or misconduct, please report the instance to the institution.

Links of Interest

The following are internal and external sites that may be helpful to students, faculty and staff in regards to disability services, discrimination, harassment, equal opportunities and other civil rights areas. Please contact Debbie Richards for more information or additional resources.

Safe Zone

The West Virginia University at Parkersburg campus is proud of its increasingly diverse population and is committed to developing and sustaining a campus community that feels safe for all of its members. Safe Zone is a program designed to foster a supportive atmosphere for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Social Justice Committee

The West Virginia University at Parkersburg Social Justice Committee work to improve the climate and culture of the work and learning place of the institution. This includes hosting events and creating projects that promote civic justice, equality and other community-minded ideals.


Discrimination / Harassment / Title IX / ADA CN3

Harassment based on race, sex, pregnancy, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, religion, color, ancestry or national origin is not tolerated on the West Virginia University at Parkersburg campus. The following are to be used for guidance in filing a charge of discrimination or harassment.



West Virginia University at Parkersburg fosters a positive environment in which students, faculty and staff can prosper and enjoy an academic environment free of bias, discrimination and harassment. The nondiscrimination policies are intended to prevent the occurrence of any illegal or harmful act.



The West Virginia University at Parkersburg provides electronic media for general guidance. The institution reserves the right to make changes to the provisions.


For more information please contact

Debbie Richards

Special Assistant to the President for Policy and Social Justice
Office of the President
Room 1010
Co-chair, Social Justice Committee