Social Justice Committee

Social Justice Committee

L-R, starting at the bottom: Debbie Richards, Kurt Klettner, Daniel Steele, Peshka Calloway, Greg Boso, Billie Shutts, Alice Harris, Barbie Dunbar, Scott Poe, Bobbi Marshall, Cheryl Robinson, Rhett Wharton, and Monica James. Not Pictured: Dina Braniff, Morgan Carez, Michael Dooley, Angie Gandee, Clayton Gibbs, Mary Hetrick, and Becky Scarberry.

Social Justice Committee Members

The West Virginia University at Parkersburg Social Justice Committee work to improve the climate and culture of the work and learning place of the institution. This includes hosting events and creating projects that promote civic justice, equality and other community-minded ideals.

2017-2018 Meeting Schedule