OLSIS Registration Instructions

OLSIS Registration Instructions

Please Note

You, as the student, are responsible for all the classes on your schedule, whether you register through OLSIS or by processing paperwork through the Records Office or Jackson County Center.  Your official registration is what you enter into the system or the schedule you receive at the Records Office or Jackson County Center.  By registering through this system, you obligate yourself for payment of the tuition.  If you change your mind after registering, you must withdraw before the first day of the semester in order to have all registration charges removed from your account.  All withdrawals after the beginning of the semester will have a percentage of tuition assessed.

1. Visit https://rand.wvnet.edu:9920/

2. Check the Registration Criteria to be sure you are eligible to use the online system to register.

3. Click on Login to OLSIS (below).

4. Click on Enter Secure Area.

5.Type in your WVUP ID number or Social Security number in the User ID field. Type your personal identification number in the PIN field. Your initial PIN is your birth date in six  digits. (Such as if your birthday is January 3, 1979, your initial PIN is 010379.)

6. At your first login to the system, you will be required to change your PIN. It must be 6 digits, and should contain both numbers and letters to keep others from guessing it. REMEMBER: Your PIN protects access to your grades, financial aid and personal information!

7. When you change your PIN, you will also be required to enter a security question and answer. Again, make this something that you will remember, but no one else is likely to know.

8. Click Student Services and Financial Aid.

9. Click Registration.

10. Click Select Term and select the term from the drop down list.

11. If you know the CRNs for the courses, click Add or Drop Classes and enter the numbers in the space provided.

12. If you don’t know the CRNS, click Look Up Classes.

Using the drop down menus, select the course and number you want.

Select a campus.

Click Class Search.

Click the Select box for the course you want and click Register.

13. You can continue to search for classes or directly add the CRNs. When you are finished, click Submit Changes. If you are repeating a class, auditing a class or wish to drop one of the classes you have entered, click the arrow for the drop-down box labeled Action.

14. You must come to the Records Office to take care of the following:

The class is closed and you want to be put on the wait list. The screen will tell you whether there is a wait list.

You have a class that requires special permission.

15. Click View Fee Assessment at the bottom of the page to see your bill.

16. Print the screen to make a copy of your bill for your records.

17. Click Week at a Glance at the bottom of Fee Assessment to see your complete weekly schedule. Print a copy for your information and to use at the Bookstore to buy books.

18. Students who are paying their own tuition should report to the Business Office to do so.

19. Click Exit at the top of the page.

20. Click Return to Homepage.

21. Close the Internet browser.

For additional assistance

Contact the Records Office
Phone : 304-424-8220