Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education

 Working under the supervision of college faculty and employers, eligible students earn college credit while working at jobs that are related to their college majors and career goals.


Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in the cooperative education program.

The student’s job description must relate to the major they are pursuing.

Students must work enough hours per week to equate the credits they are applying for. Eighty hours worked equates to one (1) credit hour.

Students must have completed a minimum of twelve credit hours at WVUP.

Students must have a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average or higher.

Students must consult their advisor to determine if cooperative education is an option for their program. Students need to determine how many hours they will need whether they are seeking upper or lower level credit.

The student’s supervisor must agree to provide feedback via online forms three times during the semester.


Students must complete an Application for Cooperative Education.

Students must email their job description to Career Services at ude.puvw@secivresreerac

Document title: [Last Name, First Name] Co-op Job Description

Subject line: [Last Name, First Name] Co-op Job Description