Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing & Communications spreads awareness about the campus and events. We use multiple channels to market and promote student and community engagement, enrollment and retention, and for fostering a positive institutional climate. Our clients include Academic Affairs and its Divisions, Student Services, Finance & Administration, Staff Council, Student Clubs and Organizations, the President’s Office, and occasionally external clients.
Because of a large number of clients we serve and the number of projects we manage, it is imperative for you to submit project requests to Marketing & Communications within the following timeframes.

Required Timeframes

New initiatives such as marketing a new program need 6-8 weeks

Large-scale events with an anticipated audience of 150-500 need 6-8 weeks

A small event with an anticipated attendance of 150 or less needs 4-6 weeks

Information for internal audience needs 2-4 weeks

If your project includes printing or reprinting in the campus print shop 1-2 weeks are needed

If your project includes printing or reprinting off campus 2-4 weeks are needed

Web updates require 1–5 days

These timelines are necessary for successful execution of projects and campaigns. Request our help with the project request form below.

You may create your own promotional materials if

It will only be distributed on WVU Parkersburg’s main campus or Jackson County Center.

It will only be distributed or on display for less than one month.

The material does not include the WVU Parkersburg logo (any off-campus promotions require the college logo).

It is reviewed by the Office of Marketing & Communications for approval before distribution.

Important things to keep in mind

Refrain from using WVU-P or WVUP on any materials. WVU Parkersburg is the only official way we are permitted to abbreviate the college name.

We can suggest the best way to reach your audience. Submit a request with details on your project or event and we contact you with a plan that works best to reach them within the existing timeframe.

If you lack a budget to promote an event, on-campus TV monitors, social media accounts and other media are available with no added cost. Submit a project request above for assistance with these.