FAQs – Costs, Scholarships & Financial Aid

FAQs – Costs, Scholarships & Financial Aid

The financial aid process can sometimes seem complicated. To help make sense of this important topic, WVU Parkersburg has listed the most common questions and answers about cost, scholarships and financial aid.

You will need to start by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To complete the FAFSA online, go to www.fafsa.gov and complete the application for that academic year. Make sure you add West Virginia University at Parkersburg’s school code: 003828.

Not necessarily; What aid a student receives is based on the number of hours taken per semester. For example, if you are enrolled in 6 credit hours (which is considered half-time) you will be eligible for half of your approved Pell Grant for that semester. You must have a minimum of six credit hours to receive loans.

You do not need to be admitted into WVU Parkersburg to apply for financial aid. However, you will need to be fully admitted and enrolled to RECEIVE financial aid.

YES! You will need to file a new FAFSA each year you plan to attend college. The next academic year’s FAFSA is available January 1. We recommend that the FAFSA should be filled out by March 1 for the PROMISE scholarship and April 15 for the WVHEG to ensure it is processed in a timely manner.

Summer school funding depends on what the student has received during the regular academic year, and this amount is determined on a case by case basis.

No. Only students who are working towards a degree will be considered for financial aid.

NO, audited courses do not qualify students to receive financial aid.

As a student receiving financial aid at WVU Parkersburg, you are required to make Satisfactory Academic Progress. This means that you are working toward degree completion at an acceptable rate with an acceptable grade point average, and not withdrawing from too many courses. You are required to complete – with a passing grade – 67% of all classes you attempt, and you must maintain a grade point average of 2.00 or better. There are also limits on ATTEMPTED hours for degree programs. For an Associates Degree (2-year degree), this limit is 90 attempted. For a Bachelors Degree (4-year degree), the limit is 180 attempted hours.

You can estimate your income on the FAFSA, by selecting “I will file taxes, but haven’t yet”. If you wait until your taxes are filed, your application will be more accurate and the information is more reliable. Be sure to file your FAFSA by March 1 for the PROMISE scholarship and April 15 for the WVHEG to ensure it is processed in a timely manner.

Your FSA ID (Federal Student Aid) gives you access to a Federal Student Aid’s online systems, including the FAFSA, National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and Master Promissory Note (MPN). The FSA ID can serve as your legal signature when you electronically sign the FAFSA and it also confirms your identity. You will need to remember your FSA ID every time you fill out a new FAFSA – which is every year – or make modifications to an existing FAFSA. Make sure your FSA ID is kept confidential and secure. To apply for an FSA ID, visit fsaid.ed.gov. DO NOT share your FSA ID with anyone.

The Department of Education determines independent/dependent status. Normally, most students under the age of 24 are dependent unless they are veterans, or married. Living out on your own, financially independent of your parents, does not classify you as independent for financial aid purposes according to the Department of Education’s regulations.

The parent with whom you currently live or with whom you have most recently lived, is the income which needs to be reported on the FAFSA.

If the parent whose income you report on the FAFSA remarries, his/her spouse’s information MUST also be reported on your FAFSA application.

Once you have completed and electronically signed your FAFSA online, WVU at Parkersburg will receive your FAFSA within 5 business days as long as it was successfully submitted. Rarely, there is an issue with processing which can delay WVU at Parkersburg receiving your FAFSA. You will be contacted through your WVUP email account with instructions for the next steps to accept your financial aid. Make sure your WVUP email account is set up and active as soon as you apply for admission and register for classes, and check it often!

Some students are required to complete and submit additional paperwork, as determined by the Department of Education, or if the Office of Student Financial Assistance believes a mistake may have occurred. This process is called verification; the student must fill out a verification worksheet, and provide us with other required paperwork, so the information can be confirmed or modified.

A student’s estimated EFC is determined by a formula used and created by the U.S. Department of Education when the student completes the FAFSA. This information is then given to the schools listed on his or her application, with an electronic confirmation sent to the email address listed on the FAFSA.

You may, but you are able to access it online at any time at the FAFSA website. But you do have the option to print a copy of it you so desire. Should you print a copy of your FAFSA, please keep it in a safe and secure place.

Yes you can, but it is better if you notify the West Virginia University at Parkersburg Office of Student Financial Assistance that you have made a mistake so that we can correct it. This ensures that the application is correct, and that we have the most accurate version of your application.

No, you just need to login to the FAFSA you already completed and add our school code, 003828, so we can process your FAFSA. We will need to know the award at your previous school, since we do NOT want to over-award you. Over-awarding happens when an over payment of financial aid monies is made to the student. If this situation happens, the student may owe a school a repayment of financial aid, or owe the Department of Education a repayment of the financial aid you received.

If, DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND YOUR CONTROL, your financial situation significantly differs from when you completed the FAFSA, then you need to call or stop in to the Office of Student Financial Assistance so that we can discuss possibly adjusting your financial aid application to more accurately reflect your situation.

If you receive your financial aid refund from Higher One, and then later in the semester withdraw from all of your classes, we have to report that information to the Department of Education. They have a formula that determines how much of the financial aid you received that you will be required to repay.

These grants are need-based, meaning your estimate EFC, determines your eligibility of receipt. You must have a Pell Grant to be eligible for a SEOG.

  • HEAPS is a need-based grant, for student enrolled part-time, which is 3-11 hours per semester.
  • WVHEG is also need-based, and a student must maintain a certain GPA and 12 credit hours each semester for renewal.
  • For both HEAPS and WVHEG, the FAFSA must be completed by April 15 for the following academic year.

Federal College Work Study (FCWS) is a program in which funds are awarded to students based on their eligibility derived from the FAFSA.

You will receive an email from our office when your financial aid package for the year is ready. If you have been offered FCWS, then you are eligible and may begin looking for a position on our website.

  • This scholarship is only awarded to eligible graduating high school seniors. Certain GPA and hours complete must be met to continue this award.
  • For the PROMISE scholarship, the FAFSA must be completed by March 1 for the following academic year.
  • There are various scholarships available to apply for through the WVU-P Foundation. To apply, please complete the online application available on the WVU-P Foundation’s website, before March 1.
  • See www.morescholarships.org for more scholarships.

If you received a third-party scholarship, from a foundation or organization, you must let the school know. If you are mailed a check directly, please bring it to the Business Office. For further questions, stop by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

No! This is a loan which you are responsible for repaying with interest; you are under no obligation to borrow money. If you do accept a loan, you do may choose to accept part or all of the loan amount offered.

An unsubsidized loan has interest accumulating on it while the student is in school and the student is responsible for all interest accrued. A subsidized loan does not have interest accumulating while the student is in school. Both loans start repayments when the student has not been enrolled for six months, due to graduation or not enrolling. With unsubsidized loans, students begin paying interest on the loan as soon as it is processed.

You need to contact the holder of the loan to find out information about starting repayment while you are still in school. Go to www.studentloans.gov for more information.

NO. The loans are the student’s responsibility only. They are in the student’s name, and it is the student’s responsibility to repay them. Parent Plus loans are an exception to this rule, but students rarely need these types of loans at WVUP.

You can view your award letter and accept it through your OLSIS account. Once you login, select Financial Aid, than Award. Under Award Aid for Year, choose the Academic Year from the drop down box. Click ‘Submit,’ then select the Terms and Conditions tab and READ down to the bottom of the page. When finished, click ‘Submit.’ Select Accept Award Offer tab. Under Status column, accept or decline the various offers. Click ‘Submit.’ If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Yes, you can charge your books at the college bookstore for fall and spring semesters, but only for a limited amount of time. Students may do so from the Monday before classes begin through the Friday of the fourth week. You can ONLY charge materials necessary for school.

Yes, many students receive a combination of grants, scholarships and loans.

If you need a letter of verification of financial aid awards to be given to an off-campus business or organization, the letters can be given on an individual basis, as time permits. You can also print a copy of your award notice from your OLSIS account. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.

You CANNOT receive financial aid awards from more than one college. If you are a transient student, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

You may not necessarily get the exact same financial aid award at one school as you will at WVU at Parkersburg since the cost to attend one school can vary from attending another.

Access your OLSIS Account.

      • Select “Financial Aid”
      • Select “Award for Aid Year”
      • Click “Submit”
      • Select the “Terms and Conditions” tab. Read down to the bottom of the page and click submit if you agree.
      • Select the “Accept Award Offer” tab. Under the status column accept or decline all or some of the various offers.
      • Click “Submit”

    First time borrowers must go to


     and complete the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

Your bill is viewable through your OLSIS. If you receive financial aid, the money will be sent directly to WVU Parkersburg, and the Business Office will process a payment for what you owe the school. If there is money remaining, a refund will be issued through option you selected from Bank Mobile, formerly known as Higher One. By using Bank Mobile, the refund is considered secure and cannot be lost like a paper check could be. If you have an account balance that needs to be paid, you can pay your bill in the Business Office which is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM or through the online payment portal on the college’s website.

Please see Tuition and Fees for current tuition costs.