Early Admission FAQs

To help make sense of WVU Parkersburg’s Early Admission classes, here is a list of common questions and answers about registration and attendance.

Tuition for high school students enrolling in college classes is $50.00 per credit hour.
*Other fees and expenses, such as textbooks, may apply to any course*

For classes offered on a high school or technical school campus, registration usually occurs around the first day of class in both fall and spring semesters at Wirt County High School, St. Marys High School, Ritchie County High School, Roane County High School, MOVTI, RJTC, Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg South High School, Parkersburg Catholic High School, Williamstown High School, and the Caperton Center for Applied Technology. Other high school students participating in the program may wish to register either at WVU at Parkersburg or at the Jackson County Center in Ripley. You will register only for the classes you are taking during the current semester; we will register you for second (Spring) semester classes at the beginning of that term. *Please note that if you have any holds on your account with the college, such as tuition due from a past class, you cannot be registered for a new class until the hold is removed.*

No. Paper Bills are not mailed. Students can view their amount due by logging into their OLSIS account and are responsible for making payment. Payment may be made online or by contacting the Business Office at 304.424.8223. Failure to pay by the due date may result in withdrawal from class or late charges being applied.

To withdraw from a class, you must notify your high school counselor and WVU Parkersburg. If you are receiving dual credit, your high school may not permit you to drop the class. To contact WVU Parkesrburg, call 304.424.8277 or visit the Center for Student Services. Be aware that there are dates by which you must withdraw from a course, depending on the semester. Check the Academic Calendar on our website for more information on dates.

Yes. Complete the Early Admission Application. Students must be at least 15 years of age. Submit a letter of verification to WVU Pakersburg from your county Superintendent; confirming the grade level of your home school portfolio, GPA and successful completion of COMPASS score requirements. Note that there is no financial aid available for high school/home school students.

Students are expected to attend all classes except in cases of sickness, accident or other situations of extreme emergency. Faculty will publish expectations relating to class attendance and make specific reference to these expectations in all of their classes. Students must understand that a record of excessive absences on the part of the student can adversely affect final course grades. Such a record of absence from class may result in a student receiving a course grade of “F” or “FIW”. “Excessive absences” is defined as any number of absences that exceeds the number of class meetings that are scheduled in one week. Faculty should report any record of excessive absences to the Division Chair.

If you are taking an Early Admission course on the campus of a high school or technical school, and school is not scheduled on your campus, then your college class will not meet. If school is in session on your high school campus, but not at WVU at Parkersburg, then your instructor has the option of holding or canceling class for that day, or requiring that a class meet at an alternate time, if needed.[break][break]If you are taking an Early Admission course on the campus of WVU at Parkersburg (Parkersburg campus or the Jackson County Center), your class will meet according to the WVU at Parkersburg calendar, regardless of your high school’s calendar.

1. Submit an application for regular admission online at www.wvup.edu.
2. Request a complete transcript from your high school to be mailed after graduation.
3. Request a copy of your immunization records from your high school.
4. Submit your ACT or SAT score to WVU at Parkersburg.

All college-level courses earned are transferable to other West Virginia colleges and universities and to most other institutions of higher education throughout the nation. Occasionally, an out-of-state university will not accept Early Admission credits; if you know where you will be attending, we suggest that you check with the appropriate college official now to determine transferability.

You can request your college course transcript at Transcript Requests by clicking on the “National Student Clearinghouse.” This enables you to submit colleges you would like your transcript sent to, as official transcripts must be submitted directly by the institution.