EDGE Overview

Start College in High School!  Get An EDGE on Your Future

EDGE is a state-sponsored program that allows students to take high school courses for community and technical college credit. EDGE can help you can earn a certificate or associate degree within one year or along with your high school diploma.

High School Students

You can earn a college degree and graduate early! Through West Virginia University at Parkersburg and the West Virginia EDGE initiative, you can take high school courses for free community and technical college credit.


Yes, the college credits are free!

It stands for Earn a Degree • Graduate Early. The EDGE program is an initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education. Students take approved career and technical courses in high school that convert to a variety of college credits offered through the nine community and technical colleges of West Virginia; including WVU Parkersburg. The college credit is free.

If you take the right courses in high school, you can save on your college tuition costs. Students who take the college credit courses available in high school can earn a Certificate or Associate Degree within one year after high school or along with a high school diploma.

There are great careers available in only one or two years! The following are a few examples of high-skill and high wage jobs available through two-year programs:



Computer Network Support Specialist


Police Detective


Acute Care Nurse


Sheet Metal Worker


Any high school student can participate. The courses are connected to the skilled pathway in your cluster and major.

You can earn these college credits when you graduate from high school.



EDGE Credits 2017-2018

EDGE Credits 2016-2017

EDGE Credits 2015-2016

Talk with your high school counselor or teacher to confirm course participation in EDGE. Students enrolled in EDGE courses must pass the approved end-of-course test with a 75% or higher. You will also need to fill out the EDGE college enrollment form with your teacher and submit it for college credit when the course is completed.

You will receive your EDGE transcript at no cost from the WV Council for Community and Technical College Central Office. EDGE credits can be applied to a Certificate or an Associate Degree.

Contact your high school counselor or teacher; WVU Parkersburg (304-424-8000) or call the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia (304-558-2411). Get the EDGE advantage!

The EDGE Advantage:

Jump starts your college education

Earns you “free” community college credits while in high school that apply toward a Certificate or Associate degree

Saves money on college tuition

Prepares you for success

Makes it possible for you to earn a Certificate or Associate degree in one year or less after high school!

The Mid-Ohio Valley Community and Technical College Consortium serves the counties of  Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wirt and Wood.