Ways to Give

Ways to Give

West Virginia University at Parkersburg is supported by alumni, parents and friends in many ways – bequests, trusts, legacy funds, volunteering and more! You can help ensure this unique college that offers quality education and professional training will serve students for years to come.

Planned Gifts

Different types of planned gifts are appropriate for specific purposes at WVU Parkersburg. No matter the particular conribution, all donations are investments in the education of generations today, and tomorrow.



Many ways are available to leave an education Legacy to benefit WVU at Parkersburg. Please contact our office at 304-424-8340 or foundation@wvup.edu for more information. If you would like to include the college in your will, you may want to designate your gift to be used immediately or you may want to endow the funds. When funds are endowed, the principal of the gift remains entact in perpetuity. A percentage of the interest earned on the endowment is paid to the donor’s designated fund on an annual basis.


Non-cash Gifts

A non-cash gift is a non-monetary contribution of personal properrty or professional services that benefit West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Non-cash gifts for educational and facility benefits aid our instructional capabilities, and have an immediate impact on our institution. WVU Parkersburg also welcomes items that can be used for fundraising.


WVU at Parkersburg Foundation

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We’re your local college foundation. We’ve been here since the beginning, supporting the hopes and dreams of local and regional students to build better lives through education. With the generosity of individuals and businesses, large and small, we’ve grown with and for the college, its students and our community. Over the past five decades, WVU at Parkersburg has expanded its facilities and constructed a solid curriculum responsive to the changing needs of the local and national economy.
Make a difference. Give to your foundation. It gives back!